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Is Replacing An iPhone Screen By Yourself A Good Idea?

One weakness of the recent models of Apple's iPhone is the ultra-thin screen. This screen is prone to cracking anytime the phone falls on hard concrete (even when it is clothed in a wooden case). So what should you do when your iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, or 6 becomes disfigured by cobweb cracks? Cracked screens need to be replaced immediately because they will prevent you from enjoying the full functionality of your phone. They will also allow dust and moisture to get into the phone and damage the electronic circuits. If you like taking up repair tasks as a DIY project, you need to carefully read this article to the end so you can determine whether attempting to repair your phone by yourself is a good idea.


When Will DIY Replacement Be A Good Idea?

Apple iPhone designers know that the ultra-thin screen may break when it is dropped on hard concrete. That is why they have Apple Care shops with Genius Bars in many cities around the globe. So if your phone is covered by the 1-year warranty, you should take it there for replacement. But after the warranty period, you should only attempt to replace your iPhone screen if you have been trained as an Apple technician or you are an electronics geek, who has carefully studied the parts of the iphone, and you now have a sound knowledge of how they work. You should be aware that each new iPhone model released by Apple has a complex design. This makes it very difficult for someone who does not have the technical knowledge and tools to successfully open, repair, or re-assemble them.

Special Tools and Skills Are Required for Successful iPhone Repairs

If you take a close look at your iPhone, you will discover that it has very tiny screws with special head designs. Apple deliberately used these kinds of screws to discourage most users from attempting to open up the phone to repair it. In addition, the component that translates your touch into a digital instruction (known as a digitizer) is glued to the protective glass in an iPhone. So it will be very difficult to separate them without damaging the digitizer. In fact, many people, who have attempted to open up their phones by themselves, have confessed online that separating the components is a fairly difficult task, and after replacing the screen, the phone did not work properly. But the professionals in an Apple licensed repair shop will be able to repair the phone quickly since they have the training and tools for the task.

Beware of Inferior Parts and Kits Sold Online 

In order to save money, many iPhone owners go online to buy special screen replacement kits on Amazon and eBay. These kits sometimes cost as low as 20 percent of the cost of a professional replacement at a licensed repair shop. Obviously, these kits are being sold on the premise that you will be able to handle any situation that occurs while using them. Some of them are incomplete – vital parts like the digitizer are not included – and they have no guarantee. That means, you will be using them at your own risk, even if you have watched scores of YouTube videos that give you the impression that it will be easy to fix your phone by yourself. Furthermore, there are many substandard components in most repair kits which will not work properly when you fix them. Only a professional replacement can guarantee that your phone will be repaired with the standard, genuine, original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) components.


Why You Should Seek Professional Replacement?

Replacing your cracked iPhone screen at a licensed repair shop has many benefits. First, whether you bought it at the shop or not, you will usually enjoy a free assessment and quotation. If your phone is out of the warranty period, the price of repair at an Apple Care shop is usually more than double what you will pay at the licensed repair centre. Virtually all professional repairs have a guarantee of at least 3 months or more because only genuine parts are used, and the repair is done by accredited professionals. In cases where the damage is very serious, many repair centres will offer to replace the damaged phone with a factory-refurbished phone at a fairly low price.



If you are confident that by watching YouTube videos and chatting with people online, you will be able to replace your iPhone's screen successfully, you may go ahead and do so. But if you are not sure, you will save precious time and money by paying an expert to do a guaranteed professional replacement for you.